Xrated video game

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The adult entertainment industry is on the verge of making online gaming sexier at a time when mainstream publishers are fighting a political and cultural war over erotic content. The controversial topic will be the subject of a conference in San Francisco on Thursday, where many of the growing industry's big names will gather. Unlike the mainstream games, where virtual sex happens in areas apart from the main thrust of play, RedLightCenter starts with sex. The majority of video game sales in the United States come from console and hand-held game sales.

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Hardware makers Sony Corp. Ltd have long declined to development software to game makers whose titles include sexual content. That move followed the discovery of an explicit sex scene known as "Hot Coffee," which could only be unlocked and viewed with a computer download. Retailers, who do not carry adult-rated games, pulled the title from shelves, costing Take-Two millions of dollars and putting a chill on an industry accustomed to self-censorship.

The incident inflamed critics of video game makers - whose average US customers is an adult man over the age of 25 - and spawned crusades by lawmakers who want to impose fines on retailers who sell sexually explicit or violent xrated video game to minors, despite several court rulings that have blocked such laws on First Amendment grounds. Games have been sickeningly violent over the last decade. Now that they start to show breasts, the government is up in arms," said Shuster. As bad as it was for mainstream companies, "Hot Coffee" has left the playing field wide open for adult content purveyors, who are always looking for new ways to tempt customers.

Porn site NaughtyAmerica. Paying visitors to RedLightCenter can adopt virtual characters called avatars and use them to live out their sexual fantasies, including having "intercourse" with another avatar.

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Still, the game is not limited only to erotic activities. Users can hang around and chat, listen to music at the dance club or even run businesses. The site also offers real-world sex videos and shopping for lingerie and other erotic items.

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While sex is the hook, Shuster said his goal is to create a community that drives the heavy traffic a successful Web site needs to thrive. We're coming in as a way to fill that gap," he said. Online video games set to get X-rated. Please try again later.

The Sydney Morning Herald.

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June 9, — Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. RedLightCenter is only available via online download. In the end, though, the game is all about business. Video games.

Xrated video game

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