The healslut game

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More information. Davie Zwei is creating Interactive Erotica Games. Select a membership level. You're the best, buddy. You dropping a couple bucks per month in the tip jar to show your appreciation for my work is the awesomest of sauces. Consider your classy self virtually fist-bumped, because you are one cool cucumber. Early releases two weeks early for all major updates for all games.

You're a total babe. Everything you do is super sexy. You even the healslut game showers completely naked and sometimes sing into the showerhead, gorgeously. The fact that you support me is the honestly the knockingest of knockers. Early releases two weeks early for all major updates for all games Bi-Monthly Bonus Renders two exclusive images a month. Show more. You're an absolute beaut.

When people look at you they feel butterflies fluttering in their balls whether they actually have them or not. Scientifically, you out-charm Zaphod Beeblebrox and out-sultry Barbarella. You supporting me is the cream in my eclair. About Davie Zwei. Healslut has a large cast of interesting characters and 'romance' options! My other erotic adult games include: Fanucci's Amazing Pizza! Experience a lighthearted and sexy! You can sit back and enjoy the story and smut without being on your guard.

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You are Alex, a recent high school graduate delivering pizza for the summer — but of course, strange things happen! Just how will you deal with an automated delivery machine that transforms you into what the customer desires, including a complete hot young sexpot? You're overweight, directionless, and still a virgin But now a strangely fortuitous meeting with an old high-school acquaintance seems to be guiding your life down an entirely different path I really need one.

The many, manymany different decisions in the game requires someone dedicated to tracking each branch and ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

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I am pressing forward always and having someone grounded in ensuring all the decisions are given due respect is paramount! Become a patron to Recent posts by Davie Zwei. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English United States. Currency: EUR. What is Patreon?

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The healslut game

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Healsluts are challenging gaming to make room for queer, kinky self-discovery