Stool pigeon games

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Stool Pigeon is a game for players, ages 12 and up, and takes about 10 minutes to play. Stool Pigeon handles this in two subtle yet beautiful ways. First, as can be seen in the image above, every card has two stripes in the bottom right corner, letting you know which way is up.

But even better is the use of the pigeon. The artist here drew the pigeon sitting on the s, providing a second way to identify the difference between them. There are also six special cards. The goal of the game is simple: have the lowest point total sum of the values of your cards at the end of the game. At the beginning of the game, everyone points, on the count of three, to the player they feel looks the shiftiest. That player goes first.

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Part stool pigeon games Stool Pigeon is a memory game—you need to keep track of the cards you have so you know your point total and can decide when to bring the game to a close. The first player draws the top card off the deck. If the card they drew is a card, they can swap it with any card from their hand. Either way, they will end up discarding something—the action card or one of their starting cards.

At this point, one of the other players may be able to stack. If they have a card in their hand that exactly matches the card the player just discarded, then they can also discard their card, leaving them with only three cards. Because the goal of the game is to end with the smallest possible total, obviously having fewer cards is generally a good thing. However, only the fastest player can stack. If two or more players happen to have a matching card, whoever gets their card down on the discard pile first wins.

The others have to return their card to its place in front of them. And, except for that point right before the first turn, you cannot look at the cards in front of you unless another card allows you to.

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So no checking to see which card you think matches the discard. If either no one tries to stack, or once someone does it successfully, the next player goes. However, from this point on, everyone has another choice: rather than drawing the top card from the draw pile, they can instead choose to draw the top card off the discard pile.

So, if the player before you swapped a card and discarded a low card, you can choose to grab that and swap it for one of your high-point cards. The game continues like this until someone decides to end it.

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But, it also has a special power that may make it worth playing rather than holding: when you play this stool pigeon games, you can either add or eliminate a card currently in play. To eliminate a card, you simply remove any card from any hand on the table. This does mean they would have more than four cards, and in fact, because there are multiple Kingpins and the possibility of penalties, an unfortunate player could, in theory, end up with almost an unlimited of cards.

But its power is pretty cool: when you play it, stool pigeon games can swap any two cards on the table. Or, if you just want to mess with your friends, you can swap their cards around. This can be good to remove cards that someone knows from in front of them by giving them a blind card from another hand. Vendetta : Another point card that basically combines the powers of Stool Pigeon and Bamboozle.

With Vendetta, you can look at any card on the table, and then swap any two cards. A key point here: the card you peek at does not have to be one of the ones you swap. Rat : Rat is a particularly onerous card. For starters, it cannot be discarded. You draw a card and try to swap the card for Rat. The game ends when a player knocks. At that point, everyone else gets one final turn, and then all cards are revealed, everyone totals their points, and you find out who won.

In one game we played, I was able to determine by the second round that three of my cards were very low: I had the Meatball, a Kingpin, and a 2, which would total only 3 points. However, before I could do that, my wife played a Bamboozle card and swapped one of her cards with, as luck would have it, the Meatball.

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No longer assured of my victory, I decided to keep playing and eventually lost. But not knocking has limitations as well: if someone else knocks, you have to take another turn. And if that card is higher than one of your existing cards, well, too bad. You have to swap it for one of your cards, even though it increases your score. There is one scenario where a player must knock: if they are down to zero cards. My son and I first encountered Stool Pigeon at Kubla Con, where we met two of the deers, who showed us the basics of the game. My son was immediately taken by it, so I asked for a review copy so that we could explore the game further.

We pulled the game out at dinner and played it again and it very quickly became clear it would become a favorite. A few weeks later, my parents came to visit for the end of the school year, and it was one of the first games we pulled out to show them. Over stool pigeon games weekend, we played a lot of games, but none more than Stool Pigeon.

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From the very first moment of deciding which two cards to look at, to choosing when to draw the top card from the deck blind to picking the known card on top of the discards, right down to deciding when the end the game, there are lots and lots of decisions players need to make. I have no doubt that I will be playing this game a whole lot down the road. What Is Stool Pigeon? Stool Pigeon is GeekDad Approved! Stool Pigeon Components Stool Pigeon is simply a card game, so the box contains only: The contents of the box. Image by Rob Huddleston 56 cards A rulebook The cards are plastic coated poker-sized cards.

The ed cards. The 6 and the 9, with stool pigeon games no confusion between them. Image by Rob Huddleston But even better is the use of the pigeon. The six special cards. Image by Rob Huddleston There are also six special cards. The Goal The goal of the game is simple: have the lowest point total sum of the values of your cards at the end of the game. Setup The game setup for four players. Gameplay At the beginning of the game, everyone points, on the count of three, to the player they feel looks the shiftiest.

Special Cards The Meatball. The Kingpin. The Bamboozle.

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The Vendetta. The Rat. Image by Rob Huddleston Rat : Rat is a particularly onerous card. Game End The game ends when a player knocks. Knocking is your entire turn. You cannot draw a card or swap or do anything else. Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of this game for review purposes. Liked it?

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Stool pigeon games

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