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There is also a time limit of 60 days. You can interact with some characters Max, the girl in red, and the Merchant. The answers are: 1. A stick 2. Your mother 5. Tomorrow Once you answer all questions correctly, he will give you a red ball. You'll need this ball to distract the guard in front of the gates of the Roselyn's castle.

Give him the ball. Inside the castle, you'll find Amber, Roselyn's counselor. She'll demand a "reference" in order to let you in to talk with Roselyn. In space paws game guide market, talk with Max. He'll ask you to babysit his hyperactive puppies if you haven t talked with him before, you'll need to talk to him a few times. After that crazy night, you'll talk again with Max. The job is done and you have your reference. From this point you can visit Roselyn and you can also talk with Alison, who's in. Focusing on Roselyn's route, go to the castle, talk with her and you'll explain her your mission and your relationship status will become Acquaintance.

From this point, you have to talk with Max, he'll go with you to "the Dungeon where nobody dares to go in". Once you're in, solve the puzzle and you'll obtain Roselyn's bracelet. Alternatively, to skip this and just get the bracelet, go to your room on the spaceship.

Click anywhere on the floor and press the spacebar. In the box that appears at the bottom of the screen, type myprecious. You should now have the bracelet in your inventory. Eventually Pharaoh will give you the bracelet back so you will able to go forward with Roselyn's route. Go back to the castle, and give Roselyn her bracelet. If you successfully become friends, now you can date her. Here starts the "fun". If you obtain at least 1 H-scene on the dates, you'll become Fuck Buddies.

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That means that after the first date if you fuck with her, you can do directly the final challenge with Roselyn, BUT you'll be missing the other H-scenes that's your choice! You can also date with her on the three places without fucking her and then do the challenge.

The answers for this are: 1 Loryns 2 Manifus 3 Oranges 4 5 I went once 6 Pick any of the options, except for indifferent that s the worst thing you can say to a girl like Roselyn! If you space paws game guide it well, you'll get Roselyn's ending. She s crazy for you and I bet you're crazy for her too. See the easter eggs below to see how to get it. To interact with Alison, you need first to babysit Max's puppies. All that noise will make Alison go out of her room and you'll be able to find her on the library since the day after you babysit.

Talk with her; she'll be impressed of all your efforts to make your mission. Your relationship will change to Acquaintance. If you go to sleep, you'll have a dream of her. Now, you need to date with any of the main girls of the game Roselyn, Nebet, Siaren or Vyl Daemith and visit 3 different places in order to know good places to plant the sprouts in Vyl Daemith s case, just to convince Alison they aren t that bad. On the dates, you can do dirty things with the furry girls or not, that's your choice and it won't affect to your relationship with Alison let s assume she won t notice.

Once you've visited the places, talk to Alison again. You two will become Friends, so now you can date with her with the excuse of measuring the ambient of every place. When you go on dates with her, you'll see her with different outfits and how your relationship is quite better than before.

After the dates, Alison will want you to take the shovels that are in the Storage room the one blocked from the beginning of the game. There, you'll find the shovels in the closet.

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But, there's something more. On the left side near the floor, you'll find a mysterious book. That's Alison's diary. You can't open it yet, because it has a password. That's not the password, but it is the hint you need to open it. Remember the words with their capital letters and go to the library. There, look at the Periodic Table of the Elements. Anyway, put the password in to unlock the book: Dramatic music Now, you can keep reading her diary.

Reading every chapter requires a lot of energy 60so you are only able to read one chapter every day. After reading a chapter, go to sleep, and you'll dream about a labyrinth. Every chapter unlocks a different labyrinth or lost memories in your head.

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In every labyrinth, you must find the key and the exit door to unlock the memory H-scene of the chapter you read. After reading it, Alison will catch you. Oh man! She will get very angry for that and will shut the door with you inside the storage room. Dramatic music plays, the spaceship is moving WTF is going on? You hit your head when the Spaceship is moving violently and you pass out.

After that, you get to get out of the storage room. You talk with E-Millio and he doesn t know anything about what happened because Alison made sure he wouldn t remember anything. So you need to explore the planet were you dated with her. There're 3 possible places where Alison could be on every planet in the Lacertan case, two possible places. At least everything she knows haha! You will need to choose between forgiving her or not. And of course, if you want a happy ending you'll need to forgive her.

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Go there, and you'll find two cat guards blocking the town's gates. You have to discuss with them and select the correct option to say in order to get in. So, you have to select the option that they will make the two cats confront each other. The correct options are: 1. To strong cat so you're the boss, right? To skinny cat but is he who always speaks? To skinny cat I bet he's always who sees everything first The sight is not the problem dude. He instills more respect 5. The most important thing is Ok, the two cats are now fighting and the gate is no longer blocked.

Get into the town, there you'll find some villagers.

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You can talk with them, but you'll need to talk with the old cat and with the mother cat at least once in order to make Nebet appear. Talk with her. She'll think you're a messenger of their Gods and you go along with that. He's space paws game guide untrusting old cat but thanks to your training in charm, you'll achieve to go along with all your sham.

Now, talk to Nebet and she'll space paws game guide you she wants to take you to their temple to There'll be an H-scene with Nebet and their priestesses click on the priestess to zoom in the CG But it seems that after all this passion, Nebet has scratched your back. It wouldn't have affected you if you were a messenger of the Gods Don't worry, you explain Nebet everything about your mission and you convince her to help you.

She accepts, and after a premonition, she tells you where you can find the jewel with the blue scarab that Pharaoh wants to see surprise! Roselyn's bracelet! So, you'll have to do Roselyn route until you get the bracelet.

In the box that appears at the bottom of the screen, type shiny thing. When you show the bracelet to Nebet, she'll cheer up and you'll be able to visit the Pharaoh again. Go and after talking with him, now you and Nebet are Friends and you'll be able to date with her. These are the dates and the order you should follow to obtain all the H-scenes: Oasis: This date is not strictly needed to get Nebet's ending, but it's the most important to obtain 2 of the 3 H-scenes of the dates.

A pair of bandits will appear and one of them will try to rape Nebet CG. You must beat one of them the biggest one! Take into that "Claws" is stronger than you and every hit he does will do to you double the damage you do to him. When it's your turn to attack, look carefully at where he's blocking, and attack him anywhere else.

On your turn to defend, you'll have to look carefully where he's attacking you to block it successfully be careful, an uppercut punch starts from below and finishes on your head, so protect it well! Nebet will offer to compensate you for saving her. Now, you ll be able to choose between Vaginal or Anal Sex H-scene. Don t worry, you can repeat the date later to see the other H-scene.

Canyon: You'll have to obtain a vine that you'll need for the Badlands' date.

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If you fought and won against the bandits on the Oasis, you'll notice that Nebet is a bit nervous, and she will keep reminding you that she is debt with you for what you did on the last date. So, yes, in order to unlock the Oasis' and the Canyon's H-scene you have to win the fight against "Claws".

Nebet will pass out, you'll have the chance to be a gentleman Space paws game guide you have enough charm, you'll see the H-scene. In any case, after that Nebet will be naked woohoo! Now you have to use the vine you obtained on the Canyon. After roping down, you'll find an immense cave with an awful lot of water. Oh, and a bunch of rocks blocking the water! You'll have to talk with the Pharaoh again. Once the date have finished, you'll explain him what you've seen.

Now you've figured out how to solve the drought problem. You become friends with the Pharaoh and you have his permission to live on his planet. Now, you can "Girlfriend" Nebet. She will ask you to answer some questions before leaving her responsibilities as a priestess to be with you. There are two, one hidden and one visible 2.

Your accent and suit 3.

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There's one of the biggest rivers 4. It's where the essence of the life is 5. Neftet 6.

Space paws game guide

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