Slave maker flash game

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We're rallying new Supporters to help us keep off Newgrounds! Please consider becoming a Supporter today! Shout out to travsaus for megaphone tankman! Slave Maker 2? Anyone ever heard of it? I cant seem to find the author or website affiliated with it because i heard you can download more girls and updated versions of it. Response to Slave Maker 2? Madness Combat Crew - Become a and get a free Madness sig! How bout kinky sex and sever racism and for the hell of it lets put in bloody gore filled violence.

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Member since: Jan. Member Level 08 Blank Slate. Member since: May. Member Level 12 Blank Slate. Probably because he just said something about "downloading girls".

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Member since: Oct. Member Level 21 Blank Slate. I sense racism or we have a pervert among us. Member since: Apr. Member Level 17 Blank Slate.

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Why do I have a feeling this is gonna involve: 1 Kinky sex or 2 Sever racism. Best Thread of '09 This guy makes really great art! Member since: Sep. Member Level 14 Animator. Downloading girls? D: Well at least it's not as bad as skinning the girls!

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Slave maker flash game

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