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What do you get if you cross horny young teenagers, mo-cap suits and almost half a million US dollars in taxpayers' money? An abomination, that's what. In a bid to save schoolkids' virginities by reachingthem through a medium they understand, a well-meaning but terminally misguided group at the University of Central Florida has created a videogame about sexual abstinence. And it's awful. The fundamental flaw with the 'game' is that these graphics would have looked duff in a CG video, let alone a modern videogame.

So there's sexplay games way middle-schoolers today will be able to relate to it. And the less said about the head-tracking the better. It's quite surprising, really, that they chose to recreate a scene from The Exorcist to show off the thing to Fox Newsbut hey - we haven't been funded half a million dollars to make a game, so what do we know?

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Check it out:. According to UCF professor Anne Norris, it's "a place to practice where there aren't any social consequences. And we suspect it will just put ideas in kids' he. When you give hormone-addled young minds this image of beauty to lust after, you're just asking for trouble. Above: Notice how everyone in this girl's presence sexplay games being physically sick. Yeah, she gets that a lot. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!

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