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A post shared by I love that feeling sex. Maybe you and your boyfriend have been chatting for what seems like decades and you just want to have fun. I have a solution that will make you a very fun girlfriend! Have an online-only relationship due to distance? Is Facebook and texting the basis of your relationship? No worries! You may also find a few of these games will work for you!

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The basic of all games, the game we played when we were young and still play now, the game of all games: Truth or Dare. However, this should not be the same game you played when you were a. Use the basis of this game to make it for a boyfriend and girlfriend. Use flirty truth questions see the next game idea, 20 Questions and risky and naughty dares.

This version of the game requires the same rules as Truth or Dare. Another classic game, 20 Questions gets you and your boyfriend chatting. You may not have asked dirty questions, so you may need this game to get the ball rolling to find out what your boyfriend actually likes and wants. This game requires the least amount of planning and thinking. You just need to buy or even make, if you have the time sexy dice.

One die should have an action lick, kiss, massage, touch and one die should have a body part chest, back, nose, ear. The point of this game is to add foreplay to your boring sex life to spice it up! Be an exciting girlfriend with this game!

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Chatting through texts is flirty and fun! Consider different texting games that you can do anywhere. You both may want to leave the party ASAP to get some alone time, though! If you are at work or school and you want to spice things up during a boring meeting or lecture, begin to play one of these games to make the time go by faster and you coming home sweeter!

However, be careful who you send dirty pictures too or sometimes even dirty texts. You may trust your boyfriend now, but when you can no longer call yourself his girlfriend, those pictures or text conversations may end up somewhere other than his phone like somewhere online.

Some of the online or texting game options are:. Each one of you at a time comes up with a statement with a blank. For this texting game, come up with a dirty story with certain words left blank maybe an action that is done in the bedroom, or a body part. Next, have your boyfriend only pick out the blanks without telling him the story. The game makes him think about you doing a of things to yourself. This is going to make him want to keep playing sex games over the phone see what else you think up!

Want to be a fun and modern girlfriend? Try sexy chatting using just emojis and try to guess what the other one is trying to convey. This is a pretty different version of the Never Have I Ever game that you are used to playing with your drinking buddies. Get comfortable on the couch or in bed, whichever you and your boyfriend prefer. Start the game off like a normal Never Have I Ever game, where one of you begins and states something you have never done. That way, he can say he has done it! Unlike the game you might remember from when you were 10, this is a very intimate Spin the Bottle game.

For this game, use a tumbler with a top and straw to it, or some other kind of handle-less cup with a top.

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Come up with dirty acts to do on each other. You can make this game more fun by putting sexy action words in and lie naked on opposite ends of the bottle. Then when you spin it, if it lands on your boyfriend, you need to open it, pick out an action word, and then do that action on the body part the bottle was pointing to. I love this game, because it can be done together, or when you guys are apart.

It opens your eyes to what is available for you guys to play with! If doing this together, each of you makes a shopping list. You can even make it on Amazon and share the wish lists with each other. Find sexy lingerie, toys, or other naughty items you would want to have. Your boyfriend should do the same. Then share the lists and see if you have anything in common. Make lists about 25 items long and buy whatever you have in common similar items count, so a red lingerie set and a black lingerie set are close enough to count as common.

I said it. Do you remember how hard of a game Twister is? Now imagine trying to do it while simultaneously stripping. You still play the game same as you would, but every time you change the rules a little to accommodate this naughty version. For instance, every time you need to put a body part on green, you need to remove an article of clothing. You can alter this idea for more or less stripping by making the rules more or less specific. You and your boyfriend can remove clothing after every turn, or you can choose to say every time you put your right foot on red.

The trick in this version of the game is to stay up while removing an article of clothing. The bonus of this game is to get to the point where you and your boyfriend are both naked and still going! Remember this game? But now you can make this childhood game into a sexy adult one! Write sexual acts on each piece. You can switch between naughty ones, flirty ones, and just downright silly ones. Play the game as normal and every time you pull a block out, read the act, complete the act, then you may place the block on top of the pile and continue the game.

Like musical chairs, but this one can be done in the comfort of your own bed. You and your boyfriend should be naked for this game, so plan accordingly! Keep moving in the bed, experimenting with positions and sex games over the phone of your body, but you should make sure your bodies are intermingling until the music stops.

Whatever position you are in when the music stops, you must do some kind of sexual act with one another in that position. What is sexier than a game of roleplaying cops and robbers? You can even get costumes involved, which would be sexy. This game should include a whole skit and the point of the game is to not break character! You can do this game in one of two ways. The first is to time how long you and your boyfriend each give each other oral.

The one who does it longest wins! The other way to play this game is to 69 with your boyfriend and the first one sex games over the phone stop even for a second loses. You can determine the prize for the winner of the race! This game requires a secret shopping trip for your boyfriend to complete without you knowing what he has although he should be buying mostly phallic shaped items…and condoms. You should be blindfolded and, with a condom covering each thing, as to not give you a UTI, your boyfriend will slip each item into you. Based on the shape, size, and texture, you try to guess what he is fucking you with.

Maybe he will even use himself as an item! My love and I in Cancun! This game would work best if you had a globe lying around. However, you could also use a map. Have your boyfriend close his eyes and choose a location. Do your research and find out the most popular sex position or sexual act in that country. Sex games over the phone do it! This game may take quite a bit of time, so it can be completed over the course of a few days perfect for a vacation! Both you and your boyfriend should come up with a bucket list of sexual acts you each would want to do.

Try out at least 1 on each of your lists each day. How far would you have to go before you make your boyfriend uncomfortable? This game will be able to tell! You can do this in the comfort of your own home or go out in public and see how far your boyfriend will let you go while in public before he gives the red light.

Play the game as it is meant to be played, but create your own dirty clues. Relationship games are much sexier when they are done with a bit of liquor inside you. So do some of these drinking games with a sexy twist. Take that game and add a sexy twist. Not only should you take a drink, but you should also add another flair. Have a few catchphrases that are used and when one of the phrases is said, you each take a shot and then do rock-paper-scissors-shoot and the loser has to provide the winner with oral until another of the catchphrases is said. After the second catchphrase, you each take a shot and can watching until another catchphrase is said and repeat the game.

We all know the rules of Kings. Rewrite the rules to this game to make a sexier and more intimate game. The rules should include a combination of drinking and sexy acts every time a card is put down. Have the rules written down to refer to easily. Your photography is beautiful! A post shared by Dr. These games are great for girlfriends and boyfriends to play when they are bored. Every game has their upsides and maybe not every game is for you. Play a game both you and your boyfriend are going to enjoy and that will cure the boredom! Do It or Remove It.

Chatting Through Text Games.

Sex games over the phone

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9 Sex Games To Play For Long Distance Relationship