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Getting games is easier now than it has ever been before thanks to most stores like Target or Amazon having delivery systems. There is also a huge digital market on all of the major console platforms as well as PC-focused ones like the Epic Store and Steam. As great as it is to click a button and get and game digitally in an instant, there are drawbacks.

This might be for legal reasons such as s expecting but it still hurts all the same.

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Thankfully there has also been an effort from companies like Limited Run Games to preserve these once digital exclusives with physical editions and here are just a few. Scott Pilgrim vs. This brawler RPG based on the film then got delisted in much to the dismay of fans. This Metroidvania would get ported to a various of digital platforms in the coming years. In it even got physical releases thanks to Badland Games for most major platforms. Limited Run Games then released the game with their own exclusives, trumping any of those copies. In a physical copy was made for the Wii U which might be one of the onlyh games games released on the system.

Rogue Legacy first came to PC in It would get many ports to consoles from there but it would take six years before it got a physical release. It is a roguelike action platformer that some credit for popularizing the genre.

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Now fans are waiting for its sequel to finish up and hit a 1. Shadow Complex was a Xbox exclusive. After that, it hit some other platforms like the PS4 which is the only version that got a physical edition in via Limited Run Games.

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It can be best described as Metal Slug meets Monster Hunter. In it then relaunched as Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition which came to more platforms with various updates. Also ina company named Eastasiasoft released a PS Vita physical copy of the onlyh games. The game has a similar hack and slash gameplay style to that game although it is not a roguelike.

It released on PC and Xbox in It would eventually hit other consoles several years later. It earned a lot of money for Double Fine in order to make a new adventure game in the classic style of LucasArts titles like Grim Fandango.

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The first part released in for various platforms and the second part released a year later. In the Switch got this treatment as well. Dust: An Elysian Tail was an Xbox exclusive in It got a lot of attention for being a Metroidvania with Devil May Cry -like fluid combat animation. It was also darker than what one may have thought seeing as it starred cute anthropomorphic animals.

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After getting ported to other consoles eventually, it would get a physical copy for just the Switch in via Limited Run Games. It would come to many more consoles after this along with receiving a sequel. The game is a melee-focused Metroidvania starring a luchador who can go between the land of life and death. Also in another company Leadman Games released combo packs of both games combined into one on Switch and PS4. Kero Blaster released in on PC.

It was made by Studio Pixel who most may know from Cave Onlyh games which is often heralded as the first major indie game. It didn't get as much attention as Cave Storybut it is certainly well worth a look.

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Limited Run Games released it on PS4 with a physical copy in In a physical copy would be made for the Switch but by 1Print Games instead. Tristan Jurkovich began his career as a journalist in Check it out! By Tristan Jurkovich Published Jul 20, Share Share Tweet 0.

Onlyh games

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