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At that point, it was already late at night. The moonlight shone through the windows and illuminated that dark room where Naruto stared down Dosu and a badly naruto the lemon games Kin, who was chained to the wall. The girl, almost unconscious, turned her head, noticing that Naruto was there, making her eyes get start to get watery as she made a faint smile, showing both happiness and guilt. Just let me ask you one last thing!

But please, let Naruto live! I'm giving my life willingly for Lord Orochimaru. Do that, and i give you my word that i'll spare Naruto Uzumaki. Kin was shocked, she stood silent, doing nothing, sitting on her knees as she started at the kunai.

Don't do It! This is an order! And then, i'll take you back home with me! With all his might, Naruto charged against Dosu, filled with determination. And strike he did, Naruto started to attack him with a combination of powerful punches and kickes, to which Dosu responded in kind. They both seemed to be pretty even locked in that taijutsu dispute, until…. Dosu found a hole on Naruto's defenses, and took the chance to exploit it, punching the air right beside Naruto's face with his Resonating Echo Speaker. At that moment, Dosu's jutsu started to take effect, making Naruto start to get a bit disorientated.

Naruto knew that he couldn't get close on his own, so he instantly knew that there was only one thing to do in that situation. The Sound Ninja then started to fight back, taking down one or two clones with his taijutsu skills, but there were just way too many of them, Dosu was getting quickly overwhelmed. And then it happened, three clones kicked him up naruto the lemon games the air at the same time, with him unable to do anything in response. And so, the original Naruto jumped up, above him and readied his right leg for a devastating attack.

Naruto Uzumaki Barrage! And as he started to walk in the girl's direction, he heard the sound of Dosu laughing, and when he looked back there was the sound ninja laying in the ground flat on his back. A purple, eerie miasma started to emanate from the Sound Ninja's body as black marks covered the exposed part of his skin. Until you can't get up anymore! Dosu's brute force, speed and reflexes were enchanced by the curse mark, meaning that the clones couldn't overwhelm him in the same way they had done before.

And so, Dosu started to dispatch them one by one with his superior taijutsu. He kicked, punched, and threw the clones until there was only one left, to which he grabbed by the neck and lifted him up with his Speaker hand. It was like his head was on fire, Naruto's brain felt like it was melting, his intestines feeling like they were working backwards, and his muscles felt like they were tearing themselves apart. And as Dosu let go of his grip, the orange ninja fell to his knees, unable to keep himself from vomiting on the ground in front of him.

It was as if all of his strength had left him. Kin watched in horror as Naruto suffered on the ground, unable to do anything to help her master. She cried and cried, almost as if it was her who was getting attacked, not him.

Deep inside, she wanted more than anything to take the deal and end her own life to save Naruto's. She loved him, more than anything, but the control of the jutsu forbid her from doing it, and there was no way to fight it. I hope that Sasuke Naruto the lemon games shows himself to be stronger than you. Naruto did everything he could to move, but it wasn't doing any good. If that was just normal pain he knew that he could power through it and get up to start fighting again, but this was different. It was like his own body was betraying him. Kin couldn't bear to watch that anymore.

She loved Naruto more than anything, and he was her master, so she owed him total obedience. But at that moment, it was like those two things conflicted within the girl. Her love told her that the correct thing to do was to sacrifice herself for him, but the servitude imposed by the Mind Domination jutsu forbid her from acting on it. And as she watched the Sound Ninja ready himself to take Naruto's life, something snapped in her mind.

Her unyielding love for Naruto managed to miraculously break the control of the Mind Domination jutsu. He gave her a direct order to not do it. Suddenly, Naruto saw himself in a dark room, filled with water to his knees and massive prison cell in front of him. Two red eyes, filled with hatred and unyielding anger, stared at the miserable boy outside. Dosu was on his way to retrieve the kunai that Kin had taken, until he heard Naruto getting back in his feet.

You can still move? And then, Naruto shifted his gaze and then looked at Dosu dead in the eyes, but this time it wasn't Naruto's normal blue eyes, the eyes were red and full of hate, much like those of the thing behind the iron bars. Red energy, visible even to the naked eye, started to emanate from Naruto the lemon games body. Much like the miasma emanated by the curse mark, but even more agressive than that.

The orange ninja then, readied both his fingers and, with one fell swoop, thrusted them both each inside one of his ear holes. With full force, crushing his eardrums in the process. As soon as his hand touched the ground, a massive brown snake emerged from the puff of smoke, the creature quickly sliding it's way towards Dosu with it's enormous mouth open, ready to swallow him whole. Having his speed increased by the curse mark, Dosu managed to dodge the first move of the snake and throw a few kunai with explosive tags at it, making the snake blow up and disappear, but he didn't know that was just a diversion.

And before he knew it, Naruto rushed at him preparing a ferocious punch, and all the sound ninja could to was to put his speaker arm in front of himself to protect himself. And as the devastating punch hit the speaker, it automatically crushed it, destroying it and making scraps and pieces of it fall all over the room. But that was not all, the impact was so strong that it broke Dosu's forearm and sent him flying at full force in the direction of the wall, which he hit making a crater on it, and subsequently falling to the ground. Dosu managed to get on his knees, severely hurting because of his arm, looking terrified at Naruto.

But Naruto still couldn't hear him because of the damage to his ears. And the enraged orange ninja walked slowly in Dosu's direction, bent on ending his life in the most painful way possible. With the sound ninja cornered against the wall, like a rat. And once Naruto got in front of the terrified Dosu, he grabbed him by the neck and shoved him against the wall, readying a punch with his free hand. He remembered that stupid kid in the chunin exams, like how cheerful he was, how he had called everyone out in the classroom saying that he was going to be Hokage.

Was it really the same person? And with that, Naruto started to wail on him. Naruto punched and punched his face against the wall multiple times with incredible strength, making Dosu scream in pain. The power was so great that the wall behind Dosu started to crack, and once Naruto mustered all his power and delivered one final blow, finally breaking Dosu's neck in the process, he shattered the wall too, sending the corpse of the Sound Ninja flying to the outside.

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It was then that Naruto realized that the sky wasn't clear anymore, dense clouds of rain now had obscured the moon and the stars. And as the red energy started to dissipate, Naruto remembered Kin and went running towards her. The damage to the building had been too great, so the roof also started to come down around him. And as he reached Kin, he saw her, lying on the ground, a serene expression on her face, her eyes closed as if she was just sleeping, not a hint of regret on her face.

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And with her on his arms, Naruto knelt and broke down once more, crying more than he ever had in his entire life. At the time time, rain started to fall, confusing his tears with the water drops. Soon, Sakura, Ino and Anko would arrive at the place. Ino gasped and put her hands on her mouth naruto the lemon games she saw what was happening. Anko looked at that with a serious expression on her face. And Sakura slowly walked to Naruto's side, crouching down and putting her hand at his shoulder. Now Naruto could her normally, the red energy had healed all his injuries.

She'd still be alive! Anko then approached the couple, and knelt down, putting her head at Kin's chest to hear her heartbeat. And the rain raged on, as the four man squad did their best to get their acts together and return. Naruto was silent, and as much as the girls knew him well, nome could figure out what was going through his head. And that's the end of the first arc! What's gonna happen now? You gotta stick around to find out!

Also i'd like to remind everyone that starting next chapter the lemons will be coming back in full force, expect more steamy scenes and new girls being added to Naruto's group! FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. It's a technique that turns every girl he kisses into his willing slave. And after deciding to test that power, the boy falls into a slippery slope that that may forever change the history of the Ninja World.

Chapter 9 - At that point, it was already late at night. I never go back on my word! The boy then noticed how hurt she was. Kin then looked away, afraid to say anything more. Before anything more could be said however, Dosu got up on his feet and started talking. What is it? Want to say your last words? Kin waied a few instants to start talking, clearly struggling.

What are you talking about!?

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You know that i could just kill you both, right? And so, Kin stood still, a desperate expression on her face. Dosu laughed.

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Naruto Uzumaki! They both seemed to be pretty even locked in that taijutsu dispute, until… Dosu found a hole on Naruto's defenses, and took the chance to exploit it, punching the air right beside Naruto's face with his Resonating Echo Speaker.

Naruto the lemon games

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