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First thing, the are in from my recent survey! It looks like both Project Matchmaker and Project Wild One are seen pretty favorably overall, but Project Wild One was the clear winner between the two. You can grab it from the menu on the left or maybe above on mobile? The first prototype for this game was sort of a teaser more than anything. The game looked very bland, you got some character development, then it stopped just short of the actual sex.

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Well, with this update we can finally finish that scene, including three completely different versions of the sex scene depending on what kind of anatomy these newlyweds have had hidden away. Working on Project Wild One has had a lot of weird implications for coming back to Project Matchmaker. For a few reasons that may become clear, I think this is a good time to review where we are overall.

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One month ago, Project Wild One finally released v0. I wanted to put out new updates every one to two months, and so far it had only been two months or more. At long last, the very first prototype build for Project Wild One is complete! Mid-tier supporters can play it right now, with others jumping in a couple weeks from now, and the game will go public in a month.

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Whenever you start playing, please do be sure to look over the tutorial information, or you will be very confused and frustrated! Right under that link is a download for the Android version, which should continue working for some time. You can probably play most other Flash games using that projector I keep linked there.

However, be careful where you download from! They shut Flash down because it lets people do sleazy things to your computer and they gave up finding ways to stop that happening. Various groups are working on replacements for Flash that will let us continue playing these games in the long term. July 8, Lithier 2 Comments. July 3, Lithier mvol game Comment. June 4, Lithier 1 Comment. May 22, Lithier 5 Comments. April 23, Lithier Leave a comment. April 5, Lithier Leave a comment.

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Mvol game

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