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Sunshine Love v0. Your objective is to help her create more business for her flailing hotel before it goes into receivership. You will stay there during the usually busy Summer period, or three months if things go well. You will also be given the task of helping her to recruit other people or characters in the town for specific positions at the hotel e. As the game progresses, you will get to know some or all of these characters a lot better, and you will have the option to choose to see them as a work colleague, friend or maybe even something more! This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for every important choice in the game Sunshine Love!

There are a of characters that you will continue to build your work relationship with as well. So make sure to pay attention to the information and tips that they give you. What kind of fun you might ask? Or being invited to a special evening event in town by The Twins, Ivy and Mr dots game And what about your girlfriend Nicole that you left behind? Do you think you can make your relationship work with her over the summer, despite the long-distance that currently separates you two? This update focuses a lot on learning more about the characters you have already met during the first update, and also being introduced to some new characters for the very first time.

Make sure to pick up relationship points for the girls that you might be interested in romantically, as that will be highly important once you complete the Task List and then move on to the Hotel being at a Two-Star rating. There has also been 12 new animations, 25 donut gallery images, and 34 peeping tom gallery images added to this update. Changes and edits: — Fixed grammar errors and bugs, changed some lines from v.

From this update onward, once you have found a doughnut, you no longer have to find the same one again, mr dots game the special render attached to each doughnut will remain in the special gallery. This post contains the uncensored SubscribeStar version. If you download it from Patreon you need Incest Patch below. in. Log into your. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy.

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Password recovery. Recover your password. Tuesday, July 27, Get help. NEW Latest Ongoing. Academy [Ch. Heroes Rise: Prison Break [v0. Simple Days [v0. A Struggle With Sin [v0. Blossoming Love [v1. Cure My Addiction [Ch.

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Fantasy Trainer [v1. Paprika Trainer [v1. Timestamps — Chapter 1: Unconditional Love [v1. Mod Walkthrough.

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Features: This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for every important choice in the game Sunshine Love! Day 2: Flirting with Yuki no longer causes the sister to get angry. Normally there will be two days in the game, and they will be set during a specific week. Each day could be either the start, middle, or end of the week. Be sure to keep an eye on your tablet in the top-right hand corner of the screen see pic below. This new update is set during Week 2, and the two days are for the start of the week, and the middle of the week a few days later. Time skips may become a regular feature across the duration of the game, and we will be sure to let you know more about that with each release.

How does learning how to surf with Cousin sound? About this update Unlike the first release, every character that we shared previews of before the game was released will feature in SL v2. So in other words, it was a typical first release for any developer. Gallery Code. Gallery Access Code How? What is the Rewards Gallery?

The Peeping Tom Gallery is a special gallery inside the game, which includes sexy images of mr dots game characters in the game. Download For MAC. Download For Android. Doughnuts Walkthrough.

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Peeping Tom Walkthrough. Casual Desires [v0. Real Life Sunbay [v0. Something Special [v0. Dandy Boy Adventures [v0.

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Harem Hotel [v0. Corrupted Kingdoms [v0. Let's Try! Ravager [v4.

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