Lancaster boarding house game

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Lancaster Boarding School v2. I'm not going to. Views 3, Downlo File size KB. I'm not lancaster boarding house game to tell you how to play your game, but just show you what the consequences of your choices are. The three main stats, nice, manly, and jerk are colour coded for your reference.

Nice is green, manly is blue, and jerk is purple. Each character has her own colour for her stats: Anna is a shade of blue, Eve is a dull red, Rose is pink, Chloe is a light purple, Abigail is an orange, and the teacher is brown.

Prologue Wouldn't you rather be home? Is there a cafeteria or something? Is the class hard? Just give me the key! Choices don't change stats No, I was kidding I'm thinking about it, yes! Does your school have a gym? Choices don't change stats I'm sorry! I'm sorry, but it felt good! I could use seeing you naked Are you sure you have to go?

Say nothing Choices don't change stats Two weeks later Is she always like that? Why don't I have a guy for a roommate? Choices don't change stats That's a very original name. That sounds nice Choices don't change stats I'm not using mine.

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I'll probably hide in it when I want to skip class. You guys are paranoid. Pull her pants down. Try to be tougher next time. Keep Abigail in check. No, no It's not going to be so fun without you. Choices don't change stats Do I know you from somewhere? You don't talk much Choices don't change stats Why do you ask?

Are you jealous? What do you think they are talking about? It was nice! Choices don't change stats Reaction! How to get out of a flaming gas station? I don't know Choices don't change stats I'll want a rematch!

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Why do you think Jason helped us? Choices don't change stats You're doing great! You need to grab it harder. When you feel better I'm big, strong, I can take a ghost! Choices don't change stats That's a sad story.

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Is there any truth to the story? Choices don't change stats This is wrong We could do more Are you a virgin? What can you I really like you!

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Make sure you say nothing! Else I wasn't going to Pity because you're coming? Hank and I are buddies! Choices don't change stats Don't cheat, Rose. Good form, Chloe!

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Eve invited us. I really don't want to be here You look good today, teacher! Different scenes and dialogues. No stat change. Are we? You look good in that dress. Choices don't change stats That's alright Don't make fun of me! I like bourbon too. Choices don't change stats That's not a dance! Well done Chloe! Well done Eve! Different internal dialogue Are you jealous? Say nothing. See you later! Chloe is right Can't I stay a while longer?

I kind of enjoyed it I wish I was the master! No, thank you. H-scene with Eve. Turns out it was cancelled. You're enjoying this! Choices don't change stats Take her rough Normal sex H-scene with Chloe. Ok, sure!

You're a good kisser You think the ritual worked? He's a jerk. Choices don't change stats Tell me about yourself You look fit, do you do sports?

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Yes she is! Choices don't change stats I'll never forget that moment It was an honest mistake. Choices don't change stats Version 1. Choices don't change stats And me in the middle? Making sleeping plans?

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Choices don't change stats Hi Lisa! I wasn't talking! Do I fuck better? I guess Because I like Rose. You look strong! The air in here It's warm. I know an exercise we could do All three of us. I like you a lot Jason sucks, I'm way better. Go with Eve Are you jealous? You did great! Cum inside her Cum on her belly We shouldn't do this I trust her. Abigail ending Stop there Multiple H-scenes.

Game over. I probably just missed it when I wrote the walkthrough from before Version 1. You'll just miss one line of internal dialogue, so don't panic! Version 1. I mean a lot! The good news is these new choices don't affect any stats, but if I were to hazard a guess, I can see a major change in the near future where you'll probably have to restart the game.

In the Prologue, I changed how the skinny dipping choices are presented in the walkthrough. It doesn't change anything in the game. It just wasn't in the same format as the rest of the walkthrough.

Lancaster boarding house game

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