Kidnapped by aliens walkthrough

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Writers of science fiction stories love to exploit the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, and what happens when that intelligent life comes face-to-face with ours. We've seen it hundreds of times in movies and books; The Day the Earth Stood Still is a classic example, made new again by a recent movie remake. So it should come as no surprise to see a game about being Kidnapped By Aliens.

Developer Selfdefiant tells the story of a human protagonist you who has been kidnapped and awaits who-knows-what from his or her captors. Sharing a room with a "Human Pod"an impenetrable elliptical door, a rather small bed, a yellow locker, and a bizarre pipe full of blue liquid that appears to function as a toilet. By the use of a little ingenuity, our hero manages to escape the cell and explore more areas of the UFO, with the ultimate goal of returning to Earth His latest game, Kidnapped by Aliens, shows us he knows how to make an extensive escape game and do it right.

The surreal but perfect background sound and puzzles that make sense without being too obvious turn this game into an enjoyable experience. A couple puzzles are a little obscure and the game has a few glitches, but nothing that gets in the way of the fun. It's definitely worth a play. Play Kidnapped by Aliens.

When you start out, kidnapped by aliens walkthrough the yellow locker aside to reveal a hole.

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If you want it, there's a map under the bed. Enter the hole, then take your first left. When you get to the grate, take note of the markings on the wall when you turn around. Go forward and right until you enter the office. On the glass cabinet enter the code in the order of the markings from top to bottom to get the invisibility bracelet. Open the drawer where you came in, and take the screwdriver.

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Return to the original room, and an alien will come in. He won't see you, and will drop a triangular bit. Take it, and it will be added to your screwdriver automatically. Return to the grate and use the screwdriver to get out. You will appear in the armory. The lasers on the wall can be disabled by taking note of how the dots on the laser move, and turning the dials as such.

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Take the axe, and return to the office. Smash the glass and take the scroll, when used from the inventory, it will give you the password to open the doors. Enter the password, and for convenience, all doors in the spaceship will be unlocked. Go to the outside of the office, and examine the circular objects on the wall. One will pop open to reveal a glass rod. Continue past the office going counter-clockwise and you will be stopped by lasers. Enter the room here to be in the H2O room.

On the wall, you will see a graph. Examine the valves, and you can turn them to the left to open them or to the right to close them. Turn them to the left to match up with the graph on the wall you can see your current progress on the other side of the graph. When a green light appears on the graph, exit out of that screen and take the test tube between the pipes. Leave the room. In the hall, head to the very west of the map, into the lounge.

Examine the edge of the left TV to find a key. Take that back to the lasers outside the H2O room and use it in the panel on the lower left of the screen to get the diamond. Enter the fusion lab. Place the diamond in kidnapped by aliens walkthrough panel and it will say fusion in progress. Go to the lounge to see the cushion gone and big vat of orange liquid.

Take the glass block floating in the vat and fill your test tube with it. Head to the room left of the lounge on the other side of the lasers, the laboratory. Use the test tube filled with orange goo on the beaker on the left of the table. Return to the human pod, and use the test tube on the "toilet". Use that on the beaker in the laboratory. Stir it with the glass rod.

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Head to the H2O room. Place the glass block in the panel on the wall and the lasers will disappear. Enter the new corridor and enter the door on the outside wall. Smash the crate with the axe to get a rusty thing, move the clean barrel to get a blowtorch, and put the green slime in the test tube. You're almost done! Return to the laboratory, and if you want, use the blowtorch on the glass. Place the green goo in the first spherical tube to the left of the purple goo, and use the blow torch on the purple goo. It will attach to the blowtorch, then click the green goo, to get a pink mixture.

Pick it up, and use the rusty object on it. It will become a shiny object. Place that on the left of the door on the inner wall, and you're done! Yay you!!

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Posted by: totalinfinity June 29, Kidnapped by aliens walkthrough. You are literally in a flying saucer. The rooms are arranged in a circular pattern. Once you acquire a map you can navigate but it is easy to get turned around.

For the purposes of this walkthrough I will attempt to give the of steps you need but it is better to memorize the patterns outside each door to remember where things are. When you are in a corridor you will see a forward arrow going away from you a backward arrow pointing towards you and sometimes arrows going in other directions. When a step in the walkthrough says turn around, that means click on the back arrow. Here's a Map. Take the small dark object under the foot of the bed.

You now have the map! Click on the top drawer of the desk to open and pick up the multi-screwdriver. Go back into the ducts and go forward once until you hit an intersection. Go left at the intersection. Look at the lasers carefully. The white dots on the laser beams are moving either to the right or the left. There are seven beams. Examine the control panel by the duct. The panel has seven buttons that can be turned either to the right or the left. Turn each button in the same direction the white dots are moving on the laser beams. Lasers are down! Use this pattern to open the lock on the door.

Top row: X O X. Middle row: O X O. Bottom row: X O O. Examine the black ball shapes on the wall. Click on the center top shape and an object will fall out. Pick up the object glass rod. You are now in an area of the corridor blocked by lasers. Turn right into the door.

Welcome to H2O central. You will see a display panel on the right wall. The display is split in half, the left part showing nothing and the right part showing blue bars. The little light in the upper corner is red. On the left side of the room are three pipes with valves. Click on the pipes for a close up. Turn the valves to the left until the left part of the display matches the right. Left pipe: 3 turns kidnapped by aliens walkthrough. Middle pipe: 2 turns left. Right pipe: 4 turns left. The little light in the upper corner of the display panel should turn green.

Congratulations, you've turned on the water. Click on the left display screen to move it. Take the key that is revealed. Go forward 4 times until you reach the exterior of the Fusion Room. Click on the console in the center of the room for a close up.

The central bowl is now a pool of yellow liquid with an object floating in it. Take the object glass block. Notice the smaller display panel to the right of the door. Click on it for a close-up. Take the glass block and place it into the empty space below the two red blocks. You have now shut down the corridor lasers. Go out, turn around, and go forward one step. There is a door to your left that is locked and a door to your right. The door on the right is Storage.

Go in. There are two barrels on the right, one sitting in a puddle of green goo toxic waste! Click on the barrel not in the goo to reveal a blowtorch. Take the blowtorch.

Kidnapped by aliens walkthrough

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