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Talk to her 3. Yukano, I worry about you. Click breasts until male excitement meter changes color Talk to her 1. Yukano, are you popular with the boys?

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Random Multiple choice 3. Talk to her 1. I have my doubts about that. Raise Males Excitement Meter by clicking her body don't click vagina yet until the color changes Talk to her 2.

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At this point her excitement meter will cease to drop by your caresses or having her remove her clothes but will still be influenced by what you say to her or by choosing to perform kissing, handjob, or sex Endings: Ending 1. Ending 2. Ending 3. Yukano, I want to know how you really feel.

I will accept anything you have to say, Yukano After she confesses, deny her feelings with the choice below.

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Ending 4. I will accept anything you have to say, Yukano After she confesses, accept her feelings with the choice below. Yukano, I love you, too. Kiss her 1. Yukano, I love you… Initiate sex. Instead of touching her breasts until the right meter changes color, you can ask her to take off her blouse or skirt and when she says she doesn't want to, don't make her. Touching her breasts raises the right meter while lowering the left while asking her to undress but not forcing only raises the right and leaves the left alone.

Side notes for people having problems: In ending 2 you need imoutoto game force her to have sex, not the confession scene. And if your trust meter far left is blue, just by telling her to do something and saying "All right then" raises male excitement without lowering the trust bar.

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Imoutoto game

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