How to make a point and click game in unity

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In many game genres, like strategy games or action games such as Diablo or Desperados, that use an isometric perspective depend on a point-and-click system in order to move the player around. Firstly in order to create this system, you need to understand that this system depends on a mesh that is called the Navmesh.

Basically, the Navmesh allows you the player or the AI to intelligentially navigate through the scene. So the character will automatically calculate the path it needs to take to its destination. In the window, open the Object tab and then select in your hierarchy the plane or terrain that your characters will move on.

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Your scene should now have a blue highlight as to where your character can move using the Navmesh. Create a C script and add it to the player.

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AI namespace. To do so, we need to use Raycasting. In Updatecheck for a mouse click, and declare two variables, one for a RaycastHit and another for a Ray. Now we need to check if ray actually hit a collider on the walkable area mesh using the Physics. Raycast method.

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The final code should be like this:. If you want this can be extended to instantiate a mouse click cursor directly on the destination to show the player where he is going for example.

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And this method can also be used to AI characters to navigate the NavMesh without any input. Now, the character should be able to calculate the fastest path to its destination.

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How to make a point and click game in unity

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