High tail hall full game

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There were prototype scenes in that folder, which included a building that said "High Tail Hall" at the enterance outsidehad a reception desk inside, had 6 or 8 floors accessible by an elevator forget whichand had two club areas. There was also another scene with a beach area with lockers. I believe there were two rows of green lockers, five or six wide.

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There may have been a shower area. I know I sound like a troll who's trying really hard, but I'm not. I saw the.

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The pre-existing scenes weren't different from what's already in HTH2. Don't believe me?

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Just wait until the game gets updated. You'll crap bricks. Even though there has not been a new release of HTH2 in a year or so, is there any chance someone can create a HTH2 version history? There was one way back when HTH2 had it's own and it would be helpful to know which version is which when trudging through the internet, and especially know what's new if a new version is released.

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In case anyone was wondering, the site is down, ie, he has stopped paying for it and this project is totally done. Honestly, if the new year passes without an update which it will I think this should be added to the vaporware list Stop giving people hope already! Should this be a separate article or included in the main article? I have aspirations of doing an article.

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It's mentioned on the FAQ but in order to play it, one must have a gold which I don't have. Tai 1 talk26 October EDT. I did a count of the HTH's characters according to their wiki and it's over I'm thinking a separate "List of characters" article should be done. First of all, High Tail Hall is not dead, it has been updating monthly ever since Second of all, there is crucial information on the game that is missing from this article. I've added a reference to the Controversy section of the article, but I'm not certain this is a controversial topic to begin with.

Tai 1 talk30 January EST. Removing the section about OpenHTH and creating a new article to document it would be the most appropriate action to be taken to address this issue. The name of this article needs to be changed to "New Cyana" in order to reflect the re-branding of the game.

The information about High Tail Hall 1. They are incarnations of the same project, and it will cause confusion if "High Tail Hall" and "New Cyana" become separate articles. Realandyisepic talk 21 October EST. Jump to:search. Discussion s Archive 1 May - November Personal tools Create Log in.

High tail hall full game

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