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Haramase Simulator is an R-rated video game about the impregnation fetish. The Pentagon, in hopes of reducing the armies of other countries, created a virus called BGe-C 56, deed to infect and kill people based on biological characteristics, so that they could target male soldiers at a specific age range.

After launching the virus, however, it mutated, no longer responding to age or race, and began killing all men on Earth. This created a crisis that ended the war, and as male population had dwindled topeople, each country had to de ways to help promote re-population. In Haramase Simulator, you play as a man in Japan.

You have recently applied to the Human Freedom Foundation, which allows any fertile man to receive an H. The card, when presented to women in Japan, legally obligates that woman to have sex with the presenter in order to impregnate them.

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There is a fee determined by the HFF based on breeding quality that must be paid to the woman before the card can be used, but if the fee is paid, the woman presented the card cannot refuse. It is your goal in Haramase Simulator to impregnate as many women as you can as often as you can. There are events that happen with each woman in the game to unlock different sex scenes, different things you have to do to find each woman in the game to begin a sexual relationship with, and multiple achievements that you can unlock, giving you bonuses and bragging rights.

In this Wiki, you can find the resources needed to help you on your journey to conquer the girls from Haramase Simulator.

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The official home for Haramase Simulator, including the download link, the developer's bios, and the development blog, can be found here. Here, you can find a list of the Sandbox and Main Harem achievements, as well as how to unlock them and what reward you can get for each. Last revised by throwsomeoneelseaway. About Community. A subreddit dedicated to the eroge game Haramase Simulator.

A game based around the impregnation fetish. Created Jan 6, Moderator list hidden. Learn More.

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Haramase simulator f95

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