Haramase simulator character guide

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Date End. On these archives Check all Uncheck all. On these boards Check all Uncheck all. Your latest searches Clear. Hey hey people, Possiblyanon here. Do you want to impregnate anime girls?

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Do you get validation watching s increase to track made up stats? Do you like dead games that haven't seen an update in 3 years? Then this is the game for you.

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Welcome to Haramase Simulator. You play as one of the few males left. With a card that lets you impregnate anyone, anywhere, you seek to repopulate the planet.

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And now after about 3 years of waiting 0. Some of you are probably asking, "But Possiblyanon, why should I give a shit about a game that was only relevent years ago? Not to mention it's completely free with no patreon shilling, so what do you have to lose? There is more than 20 new girls, not including random girls.

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Resort has been added to the game, allows you to play each day in the week with an absurd amount of stamina in total. There is also a modest improvement to the outcome if this option is chosen. You might be a bot! All Grouped By Thre.

Haramase simulator character guide

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