Games to play at a passion party

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Passion parties are an updated, racier version of this phenomenon. In these gatherings, the host presents sensual products that promote intimacy and communication between couples. Given the sensitive nature of the products, games are an excellent way for the saleswoman to break the ice with customers. Blow up a series of balloons for each member of the party. Inside each of the balloons is a slip of paper, just like a fortune cookie. Each of the partygoers takes a turn to pop a balloon and find out who wins something.

Body language speaks volumes about comfort level. One sure of discomfort is crossed legs. To get everyone relaxed, give out a gift to every third or fourth arrival at the party.

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As long as the winners of the games keep their legs uncrossed, they can keep the gifts. However, if someone else at the party catches a winner crossing her legs, she gets to take the gift. About halfway through the party, everyone who has a gift can open it. Hand out two cards to each guest. Just like in the regular game, anyone who gets closest to 21 wins a prize.

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The low hand gets a consolation prize. If you have lots of giveaways, you also can select random s for additional prizes. Feel free to use a deck of cards with an imaginatively erotic visual theme. The Name Game is a good way for everyone at the party to introduce themselves.

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Each person says her name and, using the first letter of her name, she describes what she enjoys in the bedroom. Pepper your audience with a of riddles that appear to describe things of an erotic nature. However, the answers all turn out to be everyday objects, such as a nose, peanut butter, a wedding ring or an elevator. He holds a graduate degree in Russian literature from Stanford University and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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Games to play at a passion party

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What Games Are Played at a Passion Party?