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Thread starter xyzabc Start date Jul 18, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. May 4, I was just wondering if anyone knows of similar free games like this I could play around with? Also please know what I mean when I say 3d I don't just mean 3d art in a visual novel or anything like that, I mean first of 3rd person perspective with the ability to move around with wasd in that kind of view.

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Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, Thanny New Member. Jul 29, 2 0. House Party isn't dead. The author has a Patreonand has shown a fair bit of progress. He took a detour with having someone de models from scratch, ostensibly to be more flexible than the Daz models you've seen, but they weren't working out, so he just put effort into making the Daz models do more. While it's not free, you might want to look at XStory Player. It's a substantially more interactive 3D first person perspective game, also under active development though slow at this point, because they're substantially modifying the completely custom engine the game uses.

You can download a limited demo of the 2. Version 3. While it still has a ways to go in several respects, there's no games like xstoryplayer game quite like it out there. Mar 23, 7. He was using a different model because of the reduced load on the system which would result in a faster and lighter game.

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However, he received feedback that the players preferred the Daz3d Genesis models he was using. So he had to reconfigure the models Direct quote from his blog posted June When it's working and relatively bug-free and the supporters have had a chance to enjoy it for a week or so, he will release a public build. Yeah, I managed to notice this on his website, it turns out that when I last went to his website it must have just been down for the day, and so I assumed it was dead lol.

But anyways, does anyone actually know of similar games? Click to expand This one is fun. Built with Unity. Daz3d models. And you have games like xstoryplayer party inside an abandoned space station 2 sexy androids and an A. Aug 28, 1, YEEES this is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, it would be perfect if I understood how the hacking game worked lol. If anyone could recommend more like this I'd be thankful xD.

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Sep 7, I tried abandon and looks good. Thanny said:. The hacking bit is certainly the most complex mini-game I've seen, though it's not really that complex in the grand scheme of things. It does show that the developer is fond of teaching binary.

The goal is to unlock the databases at the top and bottom.

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That takes a long time if you immediately click on the database. So you need to first capture the blue computer nodes, which will speed up the binary display. To do that, just click on the white nodes until you have a path to the blue ones.

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Then games like xstoryplayer on a blue node to start a second hacking mini-game. For this one, the target values are near the top of the screen. You have a phase value and two other values amplitude? The phase value is set at the left with a slider and fine-tuning controls.

Use the slider to get close, then the buttons to adjust by a single increment though it sometimes does two. The two values are set by selecting the appropriate bits. So memorizing the binary patterns for every decimal value from 0 to 63 which requires six binary digits would work, but it's actually much easier than that. There are six buttons one for each biteach of which adds a value to the total.

From left to right, they are 1, 2, 4, games like xstoryplayer, 16, and The basic strategy is to toggle buttons from the right without going over. So 43 is greater than or equal to 32, so you need button 6. And so on. Each button, from right to left, is half the value of the button. I don't like it The most frustrating thing I found with the hacking was that a lot of the time the timer starts before you actually think it does, finding the information can be difficult, and there is very little room for error. Once you screw up, then you're on another clock.

It is really stressful and feels a lot more punishing than it should be. The huge of spelling and grammar errors graterations, fetisch, their instead of there is also really distracting. However, I think the thing I found most annoying was that the game is completely linear. As far as I could tell, the only real choice the player has is what outfits the girls wear. I actually really like the subject mater and the philosophical questions it raises, but I wish I could influence the outcomes or choose my interpretation of them.

Kerny New Member. Aug 12, 4 0. TheDarkMaster said:. Kerny said:. Yes the garmmar errors. This is also the reason why i am not able to do it with more decisions sicne it would take MUCH more time to complete the game. I only can work on weekends on this and therefor i have to keep it simple. In my new release V0. Nov 11, 3 0. There's a cool spellcheck system? Where can I find these things! I checked the blog and either I'm less capable that you'd expect or it is difficult to determine.

Can't wait! He certainly did release it! Here's a link to it. He's posted it either on google drive or mega. Get your downlo! You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Games like xstoryplayer

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