Games like the forest reddit

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Need some more Coop games to play with my friends and I absolutely adore the atmosphere of The Forest. Good question. Green hell mate.

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Its a very good game. The coop will come next year summer most likely. I feel like it's too simple. Is the world big enough and diverse enough? I mean there aren't too many survival games. I mean Conan exhils is one of them. It's got a large learning curve and not nearly as easy as the forest's UI. Id say there is subnautica, but again I dont think that's what you're looking for.

Stranded Deep - island hopping, shelter building, resources and survival systems and weather, rafts, and some in game lore. Game opening is also in a plane. How hasn't anyone suggested Rust? Well ok, it's completely online pvp with some animals and bots in between, but I can't help noticing how similar The Forest actually is to Rust. Any games that are similar to The Forest?

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Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Green Hell looks promising but doesn't have coop yet. I did check it out, but man is the gamle fugly I feel like it's too simple. Continue this thread. Minecraft med life mod. The Long Dark. Raft or Savage Lands. Subnautica with multiplayer mod.

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Hi going to do another stranded deep playthrough. More posts from the TheForest community. Created Oct 27, Top posts october 18th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

Games like the forest reddit

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Games like The Forest?