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For the past two years, indie game developer Eva Kiss has been working hard on Good Girl Gone Bad, and she has a lot to show for it. Most porn games these days tend to grow out into open-world universes that never stop growing. Give me my finished game so I can jack off and stop playing it.

She worked very hard on GGGB, sculpted it to perfection, and closed the project. And now, we have this amazing, super immersive, and very sexy smut game as the result of all of that hard work. The smut to story ratio is just perfect. You get to the sucking and the fucking really quickly, before you get back to the story to choose another lay. Eva really inspired me. She draws in this particular very retro 2D style that usually makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

It was very popular among the artists of the Flash era of old, and I absolutely hated it. Well, she took it and perfected it, and it actually looks amazing. Leave it to Ms. Kiss to perfect it and take it further. As far as I can tell, she drew all the assets for her game, which makes the entire thing look like a sort of picture book mixed with a visual novel.

Anime styled visual novels do this a lot. It pisses me off to no end. She keeps shit consistent, and everything looks to be the same amount of artsy, if you catch my drift.

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She does cut corners sometimes. There will be some scenes, like say at the beach, where she flat out pixelized an actual photo of a beach, which again, pisses me off. But, the game flows smoothly regardless. This game is ridiculously well written. In this game, you get a shit ton of variety in the story with a bunch of options for what you can do next. These NPCs matter. They drive the story forward, and they have their own dreams and goals as well. Does she end up a cock hungry slut or a careful lesbian prude? Who knows. Your mileage will definitely vary.

Instead, the game just flows forward like a movie, and you get to choose how it unfolds. Between all of these themes and genre shifts, this game pretty much covers everything except guy on guy action. Besides, the gay porn game market is pretty saturated as it is. She says this is a game in which you get to explore a linear plot with branching storylines and questionable moral choices.

I believe her.

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There are no promises of RPG elements or any fanfare about it being the best porn game ever. She literally describes it as something that she wanted to do for a long time and succeeded in doing — props to her for her creativity. Most porn games these days tend to get stuck in development hell for a multitude of reasons.

I guess the best part of this game is the same as my favorite parts in other similar titles — choosing how the main character gets fucked and why. So the next time she takes her shirt off, the nipple piercings feel like a sort of reward that comes after hard work. She earned those nipple piercings, and you earned your fap session. Given how long this game is and how many possible endings and combinations of story elements there are, you are looking at a ton of replayability. Fap away, save game, take a nap, come back, reload, continue. Sex is had every day, and it changes depending on your life choices.

Sometimes you fuck a fat chick, other times, you get lucky. There are no fat chicks in this game, thankfully. I recommend this game to damn near everyone who wants to have some innocent, immersive, and above all, arousing fun. G fap-nation. Good Girl Gone Bad G fap-nation.

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Games like good girl gone bad

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