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up now! up now? The Fiver feels unclean. You see, we feel guilty about our relationship with Big Cup. But then we watch a game like Bayern PSGmaking funny little moaning noises throughout, and it makes us feel so darn euphoric. Because although the first leg of the quarter-final between Bayern and PSG produced five goals, 37 shots, 16 corners and little Fiver moans, deep down we know some of the gegenpressing and Big Chance Conversion left a fair bit to be desired, and that makes us feel sad.

They will also know that with a bit more luck last week — and a lot more Lewandowski — Bayern could be ahead on aggregate.

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But there will be no Lewandowski tonight either. Both teams have fairly grotesque injury lists, which adds to the thrilling feeling of unpredictability that makes us feel so guilty. If he scores a hat-trick, PSG might just sneak through. We know how he feels.

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With presumably the same smug grin on his face. I mean, I really, really hate it. Bread IS bread.

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And, most of the time, cheese usually is cheese. Many moons ago I was playing in goals in an amateur league match deep down in the west of Ireland. The referee that day was huge, the kind of fella who was probably sinking 10 pints a day during the week and gallons of porter at the weekend. Our opponents took a corner and managed to get a shot away towards my near post.

The referee who had taken up a position near the post out of sheer laziness, managed to deflect their shot from going wide with his beer gut back into play from which they scored. Send your letters to the. No pressure then.

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Talking of which, Jadon Sancho will not face City for Dortmund tomorrow due to ongoing thigh-gah. Which might have given Pep Guardiola some confidence.

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As per. The Fiver Bayern Munich.

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Five goals, 37 shots, 16 corners and little Fiver moans. Rob Smyth. Tue 13 Apr . Reuse this content.

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Premier League to be more lenient with fouls and offsides next season