Finding miranda walkthrough game

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After your power trip with the Hound Wolf Squad, Resident Evil Village comes to a dramatic climax against a foe much stronger than yourself: Mother Miranda.

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Watch on YouTube. First take the supplies from the box on your left, then buy anything and everything you need from The Duke. You should have plenty of Lei, especially with the extra items you collected as Chris.

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Mother Miranda cycles through different attack patterns that are taken from the bosses throughout the game, with a few of her own surprises thrown in. Next, when she conjures mouldy walls in the middle of the arena, run behind them to take shelter from the oncoming fire attack.

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Just like when Moreau spat acid in the air. Then when she grows legs, again turn and sprint away from her lunging attacks and focus shotgun fire on her body still. But when she jumps high in the air, run underneath the arc of her slam to dodge like you did with Urias.

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Sprint to either side to avoid this. When the arena goes dark, take out your shotgun or magnum.

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Here you have to be quick and shoot her as soon as she appears from the fog. Immediately after the darkness goes, it seems like she always does the fire attack where you hide behind the wall, so be ready to sprint behind one.

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So learn the pattern as much as possible and persevere. Resident Evil Village. When you first regain control of Ethan, simply walk forward and watch the cutscenes play out. See comments on this article. Buy our t-shirts, yeah They're far more stylish than your average video game website tat.

Finding miranda walkthrough game

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Finding miranda walkthrought