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Sure, romantic dinners at fancy restaurants and long walks on the beach are great ways to get to know someone, but engaging in virtual challenges of co-op video games can really show one's true face and, eventually, put every relationship to the test. Besides, it's a witty option for love birds who can't spend much time together, such as in the case of a long-distance relationship.

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For long-term couples who are avid gamers, video games can be a perfect recipe to spice things up as well as for practicing communication and teamwork. Many Reddit users also know that gathering virtual "experience points" with their ificant other often means leveling up their love life, too.

With that being said, they suggest numerous video games for every gamer couple to enjoy, some of which are listed below. But, be warned: they might trigger your partner's dark side. This chaotic cooking simulation will test every couples' ability to handle stressful situations while making delicious meals together — and the pressure of time limitation certainly doesn't help with keeping the atmosphere of the virtual kitchen intense.

It is challenging, silly and fun. It is also a coop style game so you NEED to communicate, plan and support to be able to complete some of the super hard levels. Imagine go-kart racing on rainbow ro with a lover — sounds charming, right? But then, in a blink of an eye, they start furiously throwing blue shells to take the lead, which can quickly turn a real-life romance into virtual a war.

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My husband and I have done both. The characters are hysterical and the game, in general, is fun. Indeed, this video game has a perfect recipe for love birds with a good sense of humor who prefer spending hours in front of the screen throwing themselves into competitive adventures around the planet of Pandora. After all, plotting strategies to defeat various types of enemies surely is an exciting way of romantic bonding!

As a pair of blue and orange androids, couples who choose to engage in Portal 2 's co-op campaign will have a blast playing with portal guns to beat its demanding levels. Meanwhile, one of the funniest video game antagonists everGLaDOS, will mercilessly put to test their problem solving and teamwork skills, which means that players are forced to think hard and communicate — preferably without raging at each other because of "unintentional" deaths.

You guys are good for each other. This co-operative horror FPS can be a great date night idea for couples fantasizing about slaying zombies together, whether it includes smashing them with a frying pan or slicing their rotting flesh with a katana.

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That's exactly the kind of virtual experience that Left 4 Dead 2 offers: it's extremely amusing but also full of terrifying moments, which require good teamwork and boldness. Besides, surviving a zombie apocalypse can be even more fun with two more players, which means the opportunity to have a double date with another couple. And if that still doesn't sound romantic enough, there's a tunnel of love in the Dark Carnival campaign with beautiful swan boats — to fly straight into the never-ending zombie wave.

To make a long story short, all three games from the LittleBigPlane t series are lo of fun. From the gameplay and its mini-games to creating custom levels not to mention the adorable characters! Never laughed so hard in my life than when I was playing with my husband and he somehow glitched and got stuck under the dog in the beginning.

Then the dog dragged him through the entire level, all while he kept trying to get out. Whether it's questing and exploring the world together or partaking in fun questlines deed for couples such as during the Love is in the Air seasonal Valentine's day event. The adventure of exploring Azeroth and the synergy of yours and your SO's class seems to never end Some couples even take it a step further, organizing entire dates and wedding ceremonies with hundreds of their guildmates on specially chosen locations ranging anywhere from Stormwind's famous Cathedral to gorgeous picturesque forests and landscapes found across Azeroth.

Escaping reality through action role-playing video games is always a good choice, especially when the experience is shared with "the one. That's why Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes requires good communication and problem-solving skills, which are crucial for every healthy relationship. On top of that, this VR experience is perfect for long-distance couples as it can also be played on the phone.

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There's something even better than constantly re-watching a favorite movie franchise: reliving them through hours of satirical video games with a romantic partner, of course. They're interactive along with insanely entertaining, which makes them a perfect silly option for casual gamers who want to relax playing their favorite fictional characters after a long day at work. Maja is a writer, historian, and massive bibliophile from Croatia. Her experience in writing book reviews and her passion for topics such as gaming, entertainment, and pop culture especially anything zombie-related led her to Screen Rant where she works as a list writer.

Her spare time is consumed by reading, working out the plot for her next short story, writing slightly cheesy poetry, or binging Netflix shows with her cats. By Maja Cacic Published Mar 09, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists video games.

Best flash games of all time reddit

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