A zombies life game

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I happen to know that as far as game tributes and mods go, zombies are the one fan favorite. For some reason, every game that supports mods in any way, eventually gets zombies, even if it has nothing to do with the apocalypse. And the world of porn usually mimics the world of vanilla gaming. So, why do zombies get left out? This right here is a proper zombie survival game that centers entirely around you trying to fuck your mother, sister, and aunt.

Why did it also have to be an incest game? Making a porn game is serious business, and it takes a lot of time and effort, so more power to these developers. The basic premise of this game is that zombies have taken over the world, but the virus that turned them only seems to be targeting older men. A zombies life game is the kind of mental gymnastics you need in porn games in order to explain why your character is the only fuckable man within a mile radius. Along the way, you also have to deal with the fact that these girls are getting horny.

In a standard zombie flick, the zombies are a menace, and the main characters are just trying to survive. In this game, sex is an ever-present danger, even though nothing bad could possibly happen to you if you did decide to have sex. So, the rules are as follows. If a zombie manages to kill one of your family members, the game ends. No, instead, they lose some of their clothing. This messed with my head a little bit, because on the one hand, I want these bitches to strip.

This game is aimed at two kinds of people, incest fans and porn game fans. And, you could probably throw zombie game fans in there, I guess, as a sort of cross-reference. I guess the other point is that they ask you for money and you have to give it to them, because blood is thicker than water or some shit. Try to get as many fucks in there as possible before the apocalypse destroys you all.

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They basically removed all of the boring elements of RPGs that I personally hate. I played it for a few hours and did not run into a single combat scenario. Why the fuck would I want to fight zombies in a video game where all the zombies are male? The gameplay was more reminiscent of recent titles like Lust Epidemic in which you sort of roam around getting shit done.

Now, in this game, you also have the added bonus of zombies roaming around trying to eat your brains. Instead, you just avoid them. Talk about a great game, am I right? Zombies never made any scientific sense, and they never will.

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I mean, why the hell do they only convert men? Why are women exempt? How the fuck are they running around? These things supposedly sprint for tens of miles at a time without so much as breaking a sweat. I kind of got sidetracked there. Anyways, the story is straightforward. You can talk to any of your girls and ask her to accompany you at any time.

You can then take her out into the city, choosing where you want to go, and you guys scavenge the building manually. You walk around, look for supplies, pick them up, and haul them home.

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Over time, this also lets you get inside their pants, bit by bit, as they slowly warm up to the idea of fucking you. It all flows very smoothly. A fap-nation. A Zombie's Life A fap-nation. Zombies and Family Ties Why did it also have to be an incest game? Incest Porn for Regular Folks This game is aimed at two kinds of people, incest fans and porn game fans. Free Porn Games. Action Adventure Porn Games. See all Action Adventure Porn Games 9.

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A zombies life game

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A Zombie's Life