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From the world of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters.

AshWhen I was putting this wallpaper together I was going through the folder I have of men and found a few of Travis Fimmel. If you have ever been to the Sherrilyn Kenyon or Dark-Hunters websites you will soon find that she pictures Acheron with Travis Fimmel's looks. Lately there has been speculation about Ash's heroine and I thought this wallpaper fit the storyline, because as of September 2007, the only person who knows Ash's heroine is Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Ash FanSo, in appreciation of all Ash and his dark-hunters have given us to look forward to and Travis Fimmel has given us to look at. I give you Ash and his Heroine whoever she may be:
      When you right click to 'save image as' the wallpaper is size 1024 x 768.
Find out what Ash, the Dark-Hunters and the rest of the gang (Were-Hunters and Dream-Hunters) are up to by visiting the Year of Acheron.

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